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Decks /Decking

Are you ready to turn your backyard in a usable space? A custom designed deck will ensure that you get the most use out of your backyard by providing you with a comfortable space for lounging or entertaining. You can even have a space for your grill or container garden built right in!

A deck should be the focal point of your outdoor living space. Because of this, it needs to start off with a strong foundation. Once the initial architectural elements are in place, the rest of your backyard can follow suit.

Outdoor Solutions provides a wide variety of decking styles to choose from, from sleek and contemporary to classic or rustic. Once you find a style and choose your materials, the next step involves designing a deck specifically for your backyard that complements both your house and your personal style.

To make your deck stand out from the others, you can choose unique finishes. Some options include stamped and colored concrete, natural laid stone, and outdoor flooring that is made up of hundreds of polished pebbles. This will give your deck an upscale touch while making it match your surroundings at the same time.

If you want a walkway leading from your house to your deck, then you’ve come to the right place! We have many different options to choose from, including natural stone, tile, brick and even concrete with a specialty finish, allowing you to have your choice of a range of colors, patterns and textures. All of these materials are highly durable and can help create a sense of balance and flow in your backyard.

Custom Deck Design

A custom deck is one that is specially designed just for you. It should complement both your house and your backyard, and serve your needs at the same time. When the right deck is in place, it will blend in, rather than stand out and will enhance your yard’s aesthetic appeal. It should also work with your landscaping – not the other way around.

Pool & Spa Decks

Building a deck around your swimming pool is a great idea, as it will add to the usefulness of the pool and the backyard itself. You won’t spend every waking second in the water, and will more than likely be outdoors lounging around the pool most of the time.

A deck that is strategically built around your pool will give you a place to sunbathe, entertain guests, or just sit under an umbrella and relax on a sunny day. There are a number of things to take into consideration while you are designing your custom pool deck. Make sure that you have enough space for your lounge chairs and other outdoor furniture, like any sets of tables and chairs. You also need to make sure that at least part of your deck is in the shade, so that you can get out of the sun when necessary.

There are additional things that can be added to a pool deck. These include an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace or pizza oven, a grilling area and even a hot tub or spa. Your pool deck should be customized to your needs, in order for you to get the most use out of it.


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Pergolas, Arbors & Trellises

A handcrafted pergola is both beautiful and useful. They add to the appeal of your landscaping while giving you both privacy and partial shade. A custom built pergola can enhance the entranceway to your backyard or the back door to your house. In order to customize a pergola that fits your needs, our designers and craftsmen will work with you and help you choose the right design, finish and materials.

If you’d rather enhance your garden than your house, then an arbor might be just what you’re looking for. In a custom designed model, you’ll get to choose the accessories and post caps that will give your arbor a very personalized touch.

Trellises are an excellent decorative accent that can give your garden an aura of elegance. They are functional as well, and can support swings, along with climbing vines that grow flowers or fruit.

If you want to add useful, yet elegant details to your backyard, then consider having a custom-made pergola, arbor or trellis built in your backyard.