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A beautiful patio not only adds to the overall aesthetic of your yard, but it provides a useful space for entertaining or simply relaxing. Patios can be designed to match to straight lines of your home, which results in a square or rectangular shaped space, or can be designed in an organic shape to match and compliment your pool, landscaping or outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Solutions has a number of patio designers on staff who can help you choose the right size, shape and material for your patio. Our goal is to provide you with a patio that looks like it belongs in your backyard, while giving you a place to entertain.


Two of the most popular patio building materials are natural flagstone and concrete. Both can be highly customized to fit into the overall design aesthetic of your yard. However, if you have an existing patio that you want extended, you are better off “capping” the patio with flagstone. If you are building a brand new patio from scratch, consider these:

– Natural stone is the best option if you think you’ll be enlarging your patio at a later date. It’s much easier to add on additional stones instead of attempting to pour another slab of concrete. The stone will blend together better and the extension will look like it has always been there. The latter option will look too new and the upgrade will be obvious.

– Stained concrete is available in a number of colors, and can be stamped with numerous patterns, allowing you plenty of customization. However, it is difficult to maintain stamped concrete, and the stain will show plenty of wear rather quickly.


What’s better than having a simple patio in your backyard? …Having a patio with an outdoor fireplace, of course. There’s nothing quite like an outdoor fireplace. They provide cozy warmth on cool evenings, and give you and your loved ones a reason to spend time together roasting marshmallows and relaxing. Arranging an outdoor fireplace on the edge of your patio does double duty, since you’ll already have the chairs and other outdoor furniture nearby to sit on. On top of this, an outdoor fireplace provides ambiance, not just warmth. Use it wisely.


If you want to add a touch of romance to your yard, consider having a balcony built into the side of your house. Picture Romeo, serenading Juliet from below her balcony, or, more realistically, a nice sunny or shady place to relax and overlook your backyard. Your children can run amuck below, and you can keep an eye on them from above.

A custom balcony contains many different elements, including railings, the porch itself, a roof, stairs and a baluster. It can be accessible from the backyard, from a room inside of your house, or both. The choice is yours!

Once you have decided to have a balcony installed, we will work with you to determine the best overall style that fits your needs and your house. The balcony needs to compliment your house and yard, both of which need to be considered before choosing a design.


Terraces, like balconies, can provide you with a place to sit back and enjoy the scenery, as well as give you space for entertaining a few guests. A terrace can be built into the side of your house, and is usually elevated up above ground level, like a deck. If you want a private space in your backyard, then choose a terrace.

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