Retaining Walls

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are designed to handle many things. They can stabilize sloped surfaces, turn eroding hills into terraces, and turn otherwise useless hilly or sloped land into something extremely useful. Not only do they create parcels of land that can be planted on, but they can protect your home by stabilizing the hills around it, thus preventing your house, deck or garage from sliding down the hillside.

However, because they are designed to support sloping land, retaining walls are complicated and must be designed and built properly. Otherwise, they will not do what they are supposed to and could potentially make the problem worse. Retaining walls have to have drainage systems built into them, and the hillside or slope behind them has to be prepared in order to for the installation to go smoothly and for the wall to be effective.

The two main factors involved in designing a retaining wall are its height and its weight. The wall must be tall enough and strong enough to support the wall behind it. However, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, and the most important element is that the wall is designed specifically for the space where it will be built. In some cases, several tiered walls will do the job better, and will look more attractive.

Retaining walls can be built from either natural stone or manmade materials like pavers. Natural stone works best most of the time, however, if you have expansive soil, pavers will work better since they are permeable and easily repaired. Our landscape architects will work with you to help you choose the best materials for your retaining wall.

Retaining Wall’s Beautiful Purpose

Retaining walls are useful, but they can also be beautiful. The terraces that can be created with multiple walls can become interesting planting zones that add to the beauty of your backyard. You can also add tiny tesserae, or bits of colored glass, to the outside of your retaining walls to create murals and mosaics that sparkle in the sun. The tops and sides of the walls can be decorated in order to add to the beauty of your enhanced natural landscape.

However, despite all of the beautiful touches that can be added, a retaining wall still needs to be well-built and structurally sound or it will not live up to its intended purpose. Are you ready to get beautify and stabilize your backyard with a retaining wall?

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