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Pool House Designs

Pool house adds elegance

Pool houses – or cabanas, as they’re sometimes called – are quickly becoming one of the America’s hottest backyard trends. A poolside structure provides convenience and elegance to any backyard. The convenience part is simple: you get a place to store your pool (and backyard) related items, as well as a spot to change into your bathing suit. The elegance part comes into play once you realize how stylish your backyard looks with a custom-built pool house in it.

Thanks to record low interest rates, building a pool house is considerably less expensive than it has been. On top of this, a pool house will raise the value of your home, making the investment well worth it. You can take advantage of this now by calling Outdoor Solutions today!

Perfect backyard oasis

Close your eyes and picture your perfect backyard oasis. Does it consist of a custom built pool surrounded by a deck, an outdoor kitchen and a pool house? How about a fire pit or a pizza oven? All of these things can be built in your backyard – all that you need to do is call Outdoor Solutions. We also handle landscaping design, gazebos, spas and built in barbecue grills; everything that you need to make the most of your backyard.

Outdoor leisure living

A pool house adds a level of elegance to any yard, and it can raise the value of your home as well. Not only are pool houses convenient, as they give you a place to keep your bathing suits and pool equipment, but they also make your unused backyard space far more useful. Pool houses come in handy during parties, and they can become a little home not-too-far away from home. Because of this, they are a necessary outdoor living amenity.

A serious commitment

Adding a pool house is a serious commitment to style in more ways than one. You’ll protect the interior of your house from chlorine damage, wet bathing suits and messy spaces. And, most importantly, your backyard will become one that your neighbors will envy. A pool house with a bathroom, storage area, changing room, small kitchen and an entertainment room is one that shows that you’re serious about your outdoor living situation and that you want to make the most of your yard.


Swimming pools require a lot of equipment. You’ll need chemicals, cleaning equipment, a cover and many other things in order to keep your pool in the best possible shape. Without a pool house, all of these items are going to end up in your garage. Sure, you could put them all in a newly constructed storage shed, but if you’re going to go that route, why not build a pool house instead?

Are you ready to see what a pool house can do for your backyard?

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