What to Expect

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Swimming Pools – What To Expect

Outdoor Solutions is committed to explaining every step of the swimming pool creation process, from the consulting and design stage through the building stage until your dream pool is complete!

Been Living in your Home Awhile?

We pride ourselves on being new pool specialists! This means that we take the custom pool that you have always been dreaming up and turn it into a reality. We do this by keeping a number of engineers and designers on staff who can help you create the backyard that you’ve always wanted, complete with the latest technology and highest possible craftsmanship.

Your Pool Construction Experience

Are you curious about what the swimming pool construction process is really like? Check out the 15 phase description and overview below!

Phase 1 – Layout

Your swimming pool may look small during the initial layout phase, which mostly consists of measuring it out in two dimensions. Remember that you’re not seeing it in its full three dimensions, and once it is complete, you’ll see the final results.

Phase 2 – Pre-Construction Walk-Thru

Before construction begins, we do a walk-through with you to ensure that we are all on the same page. This involves our project manager and designer who will go through the entire process step by step explaining what will happen and answering any questions that you may have.

Phase 3 – Fencing

We will give you plenty of warning before your backyard fence is removed. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll have to keep an eye on your pets in order to keep them safe throughout the construction process. We know how important your four-legged friends are to you and don’t want them to be harmed in any way.

Phase 4 – Excavation

Even if you have hard soil, we will be able to dig out the space required for your pool. We use heavy construction equipment and do our best to avoid damaging your existing landscaping, however, it can be tricky to remove up to 50 yards worth of rocks and dirt.

Phase 5 – Plumbing & Equipment

Here at Outdoor Solutions, we proudly build some of the most hydraulically enhanced pools in the country. What does this mean for you? It means that your pool equipment will be technologically advanced as well as environmentally friendly.

Phase 6 – Structural Reinforcement

If your yard is on a hill, it is important that your pool stays strong and in its original location. We use some of highest and best tinsel-strength steel available to ensure that your pool won’t migrate or crack.

Phase 7 – Electrical

If you want to be able to operate your pool without having to leave the comfort of your living room, we can make that happen. We keep a number of master electricians on staff who can set up your backyard living components – pool and all – so that they are operable by phone or iPad.

Phase 8 – Municipal Inspection

It’s very important that your pool pass inspection – otherwise you (and we) might be hit with fines and sanctions, or worse. To prevent any issues from occurring, we work with all major municipalities to ensure that your backyard construction project is done correctly and lawfully.

Phase 9 – Shotcrete

Dry gunite and shotcrete are both very different. Our experienced designers will go over these differences with you to ensure that you receive the best type of concrete for your particular needs. The important part is that the concrete chosen is durable, strong and reliable.

Phase 10 – Waterfall & Boulder

One of the best ways to drown out annoying road noise is by installing a waterfall near your pool. These water features are great at providing soothing ambient noise and will make your backyard a far more relaxing place to be.

Phase 11 – Tile & Coping

The best way to avoid bathing suit snags is by installing tile and coping at the sides of your pool. These also enhance the style of your pool by making it blend in with its surroundings.

Phase 12 – Decking

Decking comes in a number of different styles, including stamped concrete, acrylic and natural stone. Some are more durable than others. The trick in finding the right one lies in two things: your existing house and backyard (since it needs to be compatible and complimentary) and your lifestyle.

Phase 13 – Clean-Up

This next phase involves finishing up construction on your pool and getting it ready for use! This is the exciting part, since you’ll soon get to see the finished product and enjoy your first swim in your brand new swimming pool.

Phase 14 – Interior Finish

The water in your pool is clear, so it reflects the sky above it. When this is combined with a highly reflective interior pool surface, the result is very, very blue water. Of course, you can choose any interior surface that we have to offer, so if you want a reflective one, make sure that our swimming pool designer know about it.

Phase 15 – Start-Up

The next phase involves learning how to start up your new pool. It can be tricky to operate all of the pool filters and related equipment, especially if you’ve chosen to go with an automated system. Your new swimming pool cleaning equipment can be complicated as well. If you need a hand or two in getting used to your new pool systems, please give us a call. We’re more than happy to assist.

Pool Renovation & Remodeling

Are you ready to have your existing swimming pool remodeled or renovated? Call Outdoor Solutions!

Transform Your Pool’s Appearance

There are a number of things that can be done in order to improve your pool’s appearance, including:

  • Tile replacement and repair
  • Water feature installation
  • Interior surface refinishing
  • Cleaning system updates and/or replacements
  • Deck surface refinishing
  • Upgraded pumps, filters and/or heaters
  • Hydraulic repairs
  • Depth conversion
  • Lighting repairs or upgrades
  • Structural repairs
  • Attached or acrylic spa additions
  • Automated control installation and/or upgrades
  • Hardscaping and landscaping

Interior Pool Resurface

Your pool can become more visually exciting with a simple interior resurfacing.

Waterline Tile

In order to give you pool an instant face-lift, consider installing waterline tiles. They are a small change, but produce dramatic results!

Pool Filters & Pumps

An updated swimming pool calls for updated equipment as well. There have been many advances in pool filters, pumps and other related technology over the past few years. These upgrades can save you both time and money in the long run, as they make your pool easier to take care of and cheaper to run.