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Water Feature Design & Construction

There’s nothing more relaxing than a water feature. If you sit outside near your swimming pool, close your eyes and listen to the trickling sound of running water from your water feature, you can pretend that you’re on vacation far away. On top of this, water features are soothing and can add an important decorative element to your backyard.

Outdoor Solutions has extensive experience with water features. Our trained designers and construction employees can easily handle water features of many different sizes and shapes, and can help you narrow down the designs that will work best in your backyard.

There are many different styles of water features to choose from, including:

Koi Ponds
Sheer Descent Walls
Pouring Pot Fountains
Bubbling Pot Fountains
Vertical Bubbling Jets
Decorative Concrete Fountains
Limestone Waterfalls
Laminer Jet Features
Moss Rock Waterfalls

The trick to building a distinctive water feature involves hiring an experienced stone mason to craft the materials needed for each. This means that each water feature is completely customized and designed specifically for the yard that it will be constructed in. You won’t receive a cookie-cutter water feature from Outdoor Solutions!

Are you ready to schedule your initial consultation for the custom water feature of your dreams?

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